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DOn8 to impactiv8

DON8 is a platform created specifically for non-profit organizations trying to raise funds





May~August 2022         - Looking for members to join our team of

                                         financial advisors so we can make this happen.

September ~ October    - Looking for sponsors, investors, incubators,

                                           crowdfunding opportunities or accelerator

                                           programs to help us raise funds to buy our

                                           first second hand trucks.

November ~ December - Looking for local companies that can provide

                                           us with at least 100 products regularly.

January ~March 2023   - Begin operation.


May 2022     - We have applied for the Climate Launchpad accelerator

                         program. The results will come out around June 6th.

Do you want to be part of the project?

We're always recruiting volunteers, interns and ambassadors! Contact us using the form below! Be part of the change! Become an #Impactivist!

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