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Michael Jackson

We all know Michael Jackson, the artist, but we don't know much about Michael Jackson, the humanitarian, because kindness doesn't sell tabloids. However, we at Heal The World, want to continue to shed light on the amazing lessons that we have learned from the many hours Michael has spent in hospitals, orphanages and hospices. At the same time, we want to keep the legacy alive by spreading the love and compassion that Michael has taught us, through our own humanitarian activities. 

Michael JAckson The humanitarian - documentary

humanitarian  actions

- In chronological order - updated regularly -

2001 ~ 2009


Michael Jackson continues to make anonymous donations to various charities around the world. Every day we hear of new ways Michael has brought joy and love to the voiceless and the unprivileged.

2009 ~

It is a little known fact that Michael Jackson keeps donating money even after his passing. According to his will, 20% of all income generated by the Michael Jackson estate from his death onward will be donated to charity. (Charities selected by the artist prior to his death)

May 18, 1998

Michael signs a shirt for an unidentified girl at the SOS Village in Komasdal outside Windhoek, Namibia, where he donated a television and video recorder .
In a photo exhibition honouring the late legend, Michael's iconic face takes centre stage in a series of images captured during his visit to Windhoek in May 1998.
Just a sample of a thousand- strong collection which was in the late George Weston's possession before his death, the exhibition fulfills Weston's wish to showcase the historical images and make them available to the dignitaries and the public who were photographed during Michael's stay.
Organised by Hangula Werner and a team of young Namibians, a selection of images was first presented to invited guests and dignitaries at a special evening and auction on 21 June. The exhibition was then opened to the public until 25 June and further extended until today for those hoping to catch a glimpse of themselves in history.
After speaking at the summit where he decried the lack of action against the sexual and physical abuse of children, child slave labour, forced homelessness and educational neglect, Michael continued in his advocacy for children with a visit to the SOS Children's Village where he chatted to the children at the orphanage and distributed gifts; among them a donation of U$20 000 '(N$299 355).
Some of this time is documented in the exhibition and resonates with Michael's speech at the 1998 Southern African Economic Forum where he stated “there must be a global resolve that the 21st century will bring about the caring and protection of our children and, above all, universal love” -- Source: Ron Pia

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