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Donate 2 educate

Donate 2 Educate is a program where we gather unused or second hand educational products, such as backpacks (Japanese Landoseru), pencils, notebooks and even sportswear, and send them to schools mostly populated by underprivileged children.

So far we have sent 4 tons of products over the last 2 years in countries such as the Philippines, Romania and Nigeria.


We are constantly looking to expand operation and scale, so if you know any underprivileged schools, or can donate unused or second hand school products, contact us using the form below!


March is approaching and a new school year is about to end. We are again going to begin gathering school supplies. So if you live in Japan, no matter where you are, you can send us your unused or second hand school supplies at the address below:

Osaka-fu, Higashiosaka-shi, Shinmachi 8-23 (Ishikawa)


Please pay for package as part of your donation. We will, in turn, pay for the process of sending the products to the designated areas!

This year we are also sending to 3 new schools in the Philippines, Romania and Nigeria (that's where we have volunteers we can trust). But if you know any other school, feel free to let us know and we can collaborate with them, too!

An educated child is a strong foundation to a healthy society!

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