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Fundraising partners
So, you're thinking about becoming a Fundraising Partner? Find out how you can help, but also how you can benefit from becoming a Partner at Heal The World Global. Because our members offer their love, time and energy, they gain much more than they receive. Their impact is global and their love reaches the people who need them the most!

>> What kind of people become Fundraising Partners in our organization?
Any organization is as good as its members. Our Partners are highly motivated individuals who want to make a difference. They are usually Fundraising Consultants or Financial Planners who have extensive experience in the field. But we also accept anyone who wants to help us fundraise and has a good idea on how to do it!

>> What activities do Fundraising Partners do?
From researching different ways to fundraise to writing grant proposals, each Partner can choose their own way of fundraising based on their past experiences and interest. Some help us sell merchandise, other help with promotion. Whatever it is, there's no one single way to fundraise.

>> What benefits do Fundraising Partners have?
Besides working in an international organization that has massive global impact, along which comes great self-satisfaction, our Partners get to learn and grow together with our in-house professionals. We are a flat organization and everybody is part of a team, so we share everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. So every win for the organization is a win for the Fundraising Partners.

Since we are more than a Nonprofit, we are a Social Business, our Partners are able to access trainings in subjects such as time management, mental health management, financial literacy, and more. They can learn to launch a small business hand in hand with our in-house professionals.

>> Is the work fully remote or predominantly grassroots?
For those who live outside of Japan and California respectively, the jobs are fully remote. The grassroots projects are led by local volunteers using local resources. If you have a project close to your heart that you want to do in your neighborhood, we will gladly help you by sending our teams to support you. The working style is flexible and completely up to the Partner.

>> In what other ways can I help?
As a Fundraising Partner you have the freedom to choose whatever project to get involved with, and there are more than one ways in which you can help, like for example:

(a) promoting our projects and fund-raising activities;
(b) sharing our social media content;
(c) introducing us to the right people (who share our values and vision);
(d) donating your skills, physical/digital goods or money to either one of our causes;
(e) talking to your organization to become our partners or corporate donors;
(f) sharing your story with us;
(g) talking about us with friends or family to spread the love!

>> What's the difference between Volunteers, Interns, Ambassadors and Partners?
Volunteers help us with various tasks and activities simply out of their immense love of humanity, while Interns get to also participate in trainings and hone their skills in order to get ready for a future career. Our Ambassadors will focus on promoting and spreading the word, since they are already established in their career, while our Fundraising Partners will focus exclusively on overseeing their fundraising campaign.

If you want to apply, show your love and support, or if you have any other questions and want to know more, please let us know by contacting us using the form below ↓
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