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#Impactivate APP

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#IMPACTIVATE is a Holistic Digital Platform that provides Empaths with the power to not only educate themselves on the social and environmental problems and their solutions, but are also able to create massive impact immediately, through a series of actions taken using our platforms.




We Raise Awareness about global social and environmental issues.

We Educate using short, vertical videos on social media. The videos are science-backed, hand-picked videos that showcase not only the problems but also the solutions to several social and environmental problems.

We run an Action-based platform where people can Act immediately, by taking challenges, signing petitions, buying sustainable products, connecting with others in their local or global community, participating in events and contests, and solving their own local problems.

The app provides people with the ability to self-educate and act immediately on social and environmental problems that they care about, without having to spend time on researching, curating and safety-checking the content. People trust that us to deliver the best solutions tailored to their personal circumstances.




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The more you use the platforms, the bigger your impact. The more you share and add people to your network, the bigger your tribe. The more you help improve your community, the bigger your healing.

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