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September 30th -- We are now global! Heal The World Global is operating in California, USA
On June 22nd, 2022 we received great news! Our application to become a non-profit public benefit organization has been approved in the state of California! In the US we are operating under the name
Heal The World Global. We have also applied for tax exemption and will soon be a full-fledged 301(c)(3) charity! The more we expand, the bigger our impact, so we are excited for the new branch! Search here.
September 10th -- We have been hacked...?
Sometime between June 25th and July 5th, while we were moving location, all of our social media platforms (FB, IG and twitter) and the website's Stripe donation system were permanently disabled. We believe we have been hacked and/or sabotaged. After long messages sent to the social media platforms, we were not able to restore the IG and FB accounts, but the twitter account is now back and fully functional. We are still talking with Stripe to resume use while further securing our account. In the meantime, PayPal donations are still open. We have increased security and will resume all operation as 
June 25th -- We said good bye (for now) to our collaborator and dear friend Masaki Kawachi
Not all good news is good news. Sometimes life gives you lemons. We are very sorry to announce that our long term collaborator and dearest friend, Masaki Kawachi, who was also a prolific MJ Impersonator, has passed away on June 21st, after saving a little boy from drowning. His life-long activity and his last heroic act will not be forgotten. Rest in your glory, dear Masaki, you will be greatly missed!
June 2nd -- Partnership with the Climate Launchpad platform
We have partnered with the PDIE Group and the Climate Launchpad platform to accelerate the development of our project #Impactivate. We're currently actively recruiting members who want to join
the projects, either as team members or as helpers in the form of volunteers or interns.
May 12th -- A Million Trees For MJ (Update)
We have partnered with the One Tree Planted Organization to plant a tree for every $3 (or its local equivalent) you donate. We have launched the donation platform by the end of June. Stay tuned!!
April 5th -- A Million Trees For Michael Jackson - 10 years ago, Trisha Franklin started A Million Trees For Michael [Jackson], but after long & fruitless legal battles with the MJ Estate, she eventually gave up. In her memory and of course, in MJ's memory, we will continue the 1 Million Trees For MJ Project.
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April 3rd -- Operation "Kits for Kids"
Operation "Kits 4 Kids" is under development. In remote areas where injuries can be deadly, due to lack of access to doctors or hospitals, these first aid kits can be a literal life saver! The kits will not only contain sustainable plastic-free medical essentials, but also animated booklets containing intuitive, vital information about the usage of the kit and common local diseases. Read more here.
March 9 -- Neverland on Wheels
Inspired by the humanitarian actions of Michael Jackson and the awe inspiring Neverland which he had created for the sick, orphaned and unprivileged children, we have decided to build a mobile caravan, similar to ye ol' solar powered Sol Cinema, that will deliver both medical equipment & sustainable lifestyle support, but also joy, magic & emotional support to for children residing in underprivileged areas.
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January 7, 2022 -- We are proud to present our collaboration with the world's most popular organization fighting for Planetary Stewardship, Fridays For Future, launched to support Greta Thunberg's constant battle towards a brighter future. We are devoted to supporting our youth in the battle to protect their future livelihood on our beautiful blue planet.
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November 9 -- We held our first TEDxHealTheWorldJapan online event on December 26th, 2021. Our speakers from both Japan and abroad discussed many issues regarding the Climate Crisis and its solutions.
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October 29 -- On December 5, from 1 PM JST, we held an online zoom webinar called TED Circle, as part of the TEDxHealTheWorldJapan event. #JoinTheCountdown 
The theme was: Changing the Global Economy - more specifically the Circular Economy
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September 30 -- Our Sustainable Lifestyle website is up and is ready for your critics and feedback. Definitely send us an email to tell us what you think. We're working with local UX/UI designers so if you know anyone who would like to participate, we're open for collaboration.✨
August 15, 2021 --  We are proud to present our first collaboration! Japan's #1 Michael Jackson impersonator, Masaki Kawachi, together with Romania's internationally famous "Tribute to MJ" band's vocalist&guitarist, will be composing music meant to inspire a new generation. ✨
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