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The Health Caravan is an electric van that delivers sustainable healthcare products, medical professionals and educational materials related to healthcare, both physical and mental, to underprivileged, remote communities, which is financially supported by individuals through our #Impactivist platform. 


Electric vans



April ~ May 2022           - Test our idea using a rental van by going to 5

                                           remote villages situated in the mountains of

                                           Hyogo prefecture to find the elderly in need 

                                           of assistance and deliver basic survival goods.

June ~ July 2022            - Apply for the Zayed Sustainability Prize

August ~ October          - Look for other sponsors, investors, 

                                           incubators, crowdfunding opportunities

                                           or accelerator programs to help us raise

                                           funds to buy our first electric vans.

November ~ December - Look for sustainable manufacturers that can

                                           provide us with at least 100 care products.

January ~March 2023   - Begin operation in Japan and prepare for

                                           scaling in at least 3 other countries.


May 2022      - We tested our vans using a rental van and went to 5 villages situated in the mountains of Hyogo prefecture to find the elderly who still live in remote villages. We gave them a first aid kit, a box of daily food essentials and a disaster pack.

Total cost: 19,750 yen/family. Total families impacted: 56 families.

Number of volunteers: 2. Number of sponsors: 7 (1 corporate)


June 2022     - We have applied for the Zayed Sustainability Prize. 

The results will come out around August. We are not allowed to give further information about being shortlisted unless we win or are rejected, so the actual notification might come later than this date.


Many thanks to our corporate donor:


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