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Bianca Y. Michaels - Founder and Chief Impact Officer

Short Bio:

Romanian born, Canadian raised, resident of Japan since 2011. A sustainability consultant passionate about all things eco and ethical, Bianca believes that human limits exist to be broken. Born with the mission to make the world a better place by making it more sustainable, ethical and mentally healthy, she stops at nothing when it comes to bringing huge impact.

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Blog & News

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Mission and Vision


  • To shift the world’s economy to a circular one, starting with that of Japan. I want to make the zero waste mentality a standard and encourage sustainable and ethical consumerism. 

  • To create a new generation of thinkers, lovers, artists, peace-makers and impactivists. 


  • My values are very strong - I believe in ethical, responsible, sustainable consumerism. I believe in equality, equity and respect for all minorities and living beings. I believe that with Love, Acceptance and Respect for all, humankind can live a prosperous future and go ahead and pursue knowledge, art and spirituality freely. I know for a fact that we don’t need to sacrifice comfort and efficiency to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. We just need to be more aware and to prioritize differently. I know we can do it if we work together. Integrity is also something I value immensely. 


  • My main mission is to drive change. To make sure that people are educated and have the tools and support to make the change that will make our world a better place.


  • My vision is quite a big one. And with every second of my life I will try hard to make it happen. Here are some keywords that, together, create the future I envision:

#Global_Citizen #SDGs #Sustainability #Circular_Economy #Resource_Based_Model#Shared_Economy

#Ethical_Consumerism #Sustainable_Production #Ethical_Business_Practices #Zero_Waste #Fair_Trade

#Equality #Equity #Inclusion #Diversity #LGBT+ #Local_Action #Empowerment #Impact

#Cruelty_Free #Plant_Based #Organic #Natural #Sustainable_Agriculture #Compost_Society
#No_Plastic #No_Recycling #BulkShops #Long_Lasting_Products #Pay_Per_Use
#No_Deforestation #Clean_Oceans #Renewable_Energy #Social_Business
#Love #Compassion #Gratitude #Living_With_Intention #Community #We_Are_One

Live. Let Live. Love. Laugh. Learn. Leave a Legacy.


About  me

Born in 1988 on the shores of the Black Sea, I grew up in Canada since I was 7.

After graduating with a BA in Psychology, I spent the last 10 years in Japan advocating for the shift towards a circular economy, more sustainable lifestyles and ethical business practices centered on social welfare. I help social businesses and non-profits grow their impact by identifying key trends, up-to-the-minute innovations and collaborative opportunities.


Utilizing my knowledge in a vast variety of fields, such as psychology, marketing, business, sustainability and economics, I strive to deliver holistic solutions through public speaking and creative workshops. I believes that a global perspective, a growth mindset, and a playful mind can bring visible change. I considers myself a visionary global citizen, a disruptive thinker and a creative problem solver.


After working for the Corporate Value Creation Department of Toyota Motors Corporation and 5 years of business consulting at Japan Creative Enterprise (Ginza, Tokyo), I launched the Zero Waste Japan volunteer group in 2015, the Zero Waste company in 2017 and now I am a freelance consultant at my own social business - The Zero Way.


I am a polyglot (EN, JP, FR, SP, IT, RO), public speaker, online magazine editor and soon-to-be author, and am currently working to help young minds succeed in business by volunteering as a mentor for YMCA Youth for Causes, Kyoto University of Foreign Languages, Josho Gakuen Gymnasium. I am a Hult Prize judge and advisor.


Currently enrolled in Harvard Extension School, studying Global Development Practice, my future plans include receiving my PhD diploma and continuing to create a society based on sustainable development, ethical business development, social equity, cultural equality, physical and mental health, and lastly positive human progress in harmony with both nature and technology.


After ending many of my projects due to Covid19, including a zero waste store which was supposed to launch during the first wave of emergency in Kobe, I never gave up on finding solutions for the Greater Good. I am currently actively involved in 3 major projects:

  • The Heal the World non-profit organization, created with youth in mind, to empower them with the knowledge and skills to make their future a prosperous and peaceful one;

  • A website and its afferent app that focuses on sustainable living;

  • A video series of courses and workshops intended to provide a solid foundation for future world changers and pioneers.

About Me


Full name: Bianca Yamaguchi Michaels


  • Circular Economy Specialist

  • Sustainability Coach

  • Social Entrepreneur

  • Public Speaker

  • Event Producer



Areas of Expertise:

  • Corporate Value Creation

  • Green Trend Analysis and Consumer Behavior

  • Sustainable Development

  • Circular Economics

  • Youth Leadership



  • 2007~2010 -- Bachelor of Arts in General Psychology @ Ovidius State University, Romania

  • 2010~2011 -- MBA @ Romanian-American University - drop-out

  • 2020~TBD -- Global Development Practice @ Harvard Extension School


  • 2018 -- Sustainable Science @ Graduate University of Tokyo (JP)

  • 2020 -- Achieving Sustainable Development Goals @ The SDGs Academy (UN)

  • 2020 -- Microeconomics @ MIT (USA)

  • 2021 -- Circular Economy - Sustainable Materials Science @ Lund University&IIIEE (NL)

  • 2021 -- Climate Change -- From Science to Action @ Yale University (USA)

Non-certification Courses:

  • 2020 -- Circular Economy @ TU Delft (NL)

  • 2020 -- Circular Economy @ Wageningen (NL)

  • 2020 -- Macroeconomics for a Sustainable Planet @ The SDGs Academy (UN)

  • 2021 -- Justice Today: Money, Market and Morals @ Harvard University (USA)





2011~2012 - Intern and later team member of the Japanese Originality Value Creation Department @ Toyota Motor Corporation Japan (Toyota)

2012~2017 - Business consultant @ Japan Creative Enterprise (Tokyo)

2015 - Founder @ Zero Waste Japan international group (unofficial)

2017 - Founder & CEO @ Zero Waste Japan social business (Fukuoka)

2019~ Founder & CEO @ Zero Way social business (Kobe)

2020~ MyLegacy Bulk Store Kobe, Japan (closed due to Covid19)

2021~ Founder & Leader @ Heal the World NPO

Extra Activities & Projects:

Public Speaking - International Conferences

Public Speaking - Universities & Vocational schools

Public Speaking - Community Sponsored Events

(6) Youth Conference.png
(7) Teaching Social Business.jpeg

Youth Leadership - Supporting and judging of social startups pitch events

Youth Leadership - Supporting Startups led by young entrepreneurs

Youth Leadership - supporting investors/pitching events

(8) Hult Prize Judge.jpeg
(9) Kitchen Car.jpeg
(5) Osaka Innovation Center.jpeg

Business consulting - Independent projects

Business consulting - Corporate support

Business consulting - Small, local business support

(1) Toyota.jpg
(4) Fukuoka Growth Next.jpeg
(10) ZW Store.jpg

University Magazine Senior Researcher and Former Editor-in-Chief

Circular Economy Club Osaka Chief Event Organizer

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 8.49.10.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 8.52.38.png

Ambassador for Local Sustainable Brands: Mamoru, Ekolokal, mymizu, weMORI, doki, SWIMMI etc.

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 8.56.57.png


Thank you so much for taking the time to go through my page!

I opened the Heal The World nonprofit organization because it has been my life-long passion to bring massive positive impact globally. And I owe everything to that one video I saw when I was a child, a video called Earth Song by Michael Jackson. When I saw that video at 7 years old, that was the moment I decided when I grow up I want to help make the world a better place.


The message behind the song Heal The World, as well as Michael Jackson's vision for the Heal The World Foundation have inspired me to keep the name, yet build this organization from scratch in the hopes of perpetuating the same message of love, compassion and positive impact, while adapting to current needs and keeping up with modern times.

I dream not of riches or fame, but of one day being able to look back at my life and think:Wow, the world is a much better place because of me. It's a lot safer, healthier, happier and Nature is thriving hand in hand with Humanity. I can leave this world in peace. My work here is done.

I hope I can create a fantastic platform for you to be able to bring positive impact as well. I want to make it easy, fun and magical for you to be a Global Citizen whose lifestyle is in line with your values.

Let's make that change! Together.


Live. Let Live. Love. Laugh. Learn. Leave a Legacy.

Bianca Y. Michaels
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