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Founder's credo

I am Bianca Y. Michaels, a proud member of the Heal The World Global Community, an Impactivist and a Global Citizen.

My goal is to create global positive impact and leave as legacy a better planet than the one I had inherited.

I made an oath to put people and the planet before profit.

I prioritize love, sustainability and fairness.


I am humble, responsible and caring.

I listen before I speak.

I communicate honestly, openly and respectfully.

I can say "Thank you!" and "I am sorry!" with ease.

I search for constant improvement.

I persevere and know when to ask for help.

I live each day with gratitude and awe.

I accept every challenge as a way to grow and connect with my community.

I don't suffer alone because I am part of a family that cares for me.

I am a Healer. I never do harm on purpose.

I understand that I am not perfect, and if I make a mistake, I accept it, apologize, assume responsibility and try to improve.

I accept all of my feelings and I don't take permanent decisions on temporary feelings.

I strive to leave behind positivity and love.

I take care of my physical and mental health, and healing.

I always ask myself: is it coming from a place of Love or Fear?

I case of conflict, I try to find a middle ground and win-win solutions.

I respect boundaries and ask for consent.

I celebrate diversity and know that everyone has a role in society.

I understand that all jobs are equally valuable.
I don't judge, but seek to understand.

I have self-respect and self-love.

I take time to think, meditate and heal.

I try to look for joy, awe and wonder in the smallest of miracles.

When I'm happy, I try to make others happy too.

When I'm angry, I take a moment to cool down.

I never use force or any type of abuse.

I don't hold grudges or seek revenge.

When I'm sad, anxious or depressed, I move my body to release tension.

I strive to leave behind a positive legacy and fulfill my personal aspirations while improving the community.

Relationships are more important than physical objects.

But I respect all objects as they are made with a lot of effort and precious resources.

I try to support my family, local community and global tribe as much as I can.

I give to those in need without expecting and always try to return favors/gifts whenever possible.

I have a tribe of at least 5 people I check on regularly.

I don't complain. nor do I blame others for my situation.

I search for causes and am solution-oriented.

I accept all forms of spirituality as valid, but strive to prioritize science, human rights and ethics.

I protect the weak, voiceless and vulnerable without projecting my own needs on them.

I offer equal opportunities to all.

I always listen to all sides of a story.

I understand that Happiness is but a release of hormones, and instead I try to seek for stability, improvement, good relationships, positive impact, awe&wonder in the present moment, and to build a legacy.

I understand that accumulation of material riches, seeking public attention and reckless/risky behaviors are damaging to the spirit.

I try to connect with people who share my values and are compatible with my love language.

I see disaster as a lesson.

I see grief as proof of love.

I am not afraid to love and lose.

I understand that change is a part of life and will look forward to a new future.

I understand that death and loss are also part of life and I find healthy ways to grieve.

I understand that everyone is giving their best within their circumstances, and that every person's journey is different.

I will make a little space to make a better place in whatever activity I launch myself in.

When in doubt, Love is always the answer. I will always choose love.


Bianca Y. Michaels

November 1st, 2022

Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean


Bianca Y. Michaels

Founder&President of Heal The World (Global)

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