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WE help you have a big positive impact and become an impactivist

One way of getting involved is to purchase a $10 Impactivate package. We donate $1 each to 10 non-profit organizations across various causes, so you don't have to!

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non-profit Organizations you help support

Click on the link below to check out each non-profit organization separately:

FAQ - Frequently
asked questions

You purchase one $10 package, we donate $1 each to 10 organizations that we have personally selected and vetted. The more packages you purchase, the more we donate. A $100 package buys you $10 to each organization.

We have personally handpicked and vetted all the charities we support. Each organization has a different area of expertise: 5 of them cover social causes such as hunger and education, and the other 5 cover planetary stewardship like planting trees and ocean cleanups.

No. 100% of these donations go towards the 10 organizations. You can see the progress and/or donations we make to them at the end of every month (at the links below). We add the link to our monthly newsletter. Once you donate once, you are automatically added to the newsletter unless you choose to opt out, where you can check your name on the donors' list.

You are free to donate separately to each organization below. All we do is make the process faster and easier for you to have a big and varied impact.

You can choose to donate more than $10 or can subscribe to our monthly package. The more packages you purchase, the more we donate. A $100 package buys you $10 to each organization. You are also free to create your own Heal The World Global Fundraising Campaign by joining our organization. Scroll down for more details.

What is the $10 Impactivate Package?
What organizations do you support?
Does your organization get anything out of it?
What if I don't like an organization you support?
I like what you're doing. I want to help more!

Step ① -

Choose a project (or more!)
   Support us by:
  • sharing our causes (On Social Media)
  • volunteering
  • donating Goods
  • donating money
  • sPonsoring us (for companies)
  • encouraging us (through email)
  • Shop With Us (Through our affiliate links)

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we're a caring, creative and fun team, we expect no less from you :)

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we're recruiting!


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Thank you for making the world a better place ✨
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