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Passionate About Inspiring Others and Building Massive Impact

Although the organization is based in Japan, we are truly an international team, gathering members from all over the world, working towards the same goal - making the world a better place.

As you will find out, the members come from various unrelated industries, but we all come together as ONE, united by our common passion for a better world.


Board Members

Bianca Y. Michaels - Founder and Chief Impact Officer

Romanian born, Canadian raised, resident of Japan since 2011. A sustainability consultant passionate about all things eco and ethical, Bianca believes that human limits exist to be broken. Born with the mission to make the world a better place by making it more sustainable, ethical and mentally healthy, she stops at nothing when it comes to bringing huge impact.

Dorin Panduru - Board Member and Creative Producer

Dorin Panduru - "12-9"

Romanian born and raised, now traveling the world with his music. Dorin lives and breathes music. Besides being a talented singer and multiple instrument player, he is also an accomplished composer and performer. But he doesn't just want to make music, he wants to make an impact. His songs both inspire and help heal the world.

Alina Teodorescu - Board Member and Plant-Based Consultant


Romanian born, resident of Japan since 2015. With a masters degree in business administration from Kobe University, Alina works as a business consultant in Tokyo. But her passion lies in spreading awareness about plant-based diets and lifestyles. She also leads the Japanese Vegan Hospitality non-profit organization.

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Tachibana Kaori - Board Member and Cultural Consultant

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Japanese born. Passionate about preserving the Japanese traditions of tea ceremony, kimono wearing and cultivation of native fruits like the Tachibana Orange, Kaori also loves to dance, being an avid latin dancer! As you can see, nothing stops her from enjoying life to the fullest, by combining cultures and her love for diversity. She loves to raise awareness about alternative/sustainable lifestyles.

Shota Dan - Board Member (Japan) and Videographer


Japan born and raised. Passionate about sustainability, ethical consumption and circular economy, Dan-kun is also a talented videographer, with his own Youtube channel called "Live in Japan". Very active and full of energy, he never backs down when it comes to taking on new challenges. As a traveler and student of different cultures, he has

acquired amazing social skills. 

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Seo In Woo - Board Member (Japan) and Zero Waste Enthusiast

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Korean born, living in Japan fsince 2017. Lovingly known as Shinobu, Seo In-Woo has a variety of skills ranging from DIY to Farming. He can repurpose anything and is a zero waste enthusiast. He met Bianca Y. Michaels while she was teaching social business entrepreneurship at YMCA.
Shinobu became an Intern and eventually a board member of Heal The World Japan.

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Core Volunteer Members

Tommy Gielingh - Volunteer, Music Producer and Businessman


Netherlands born, resident of Finland. Tommy has worked for countless non-profits in the US, fund-raising, creating inspiring music, organizing events and overall supporting various humanitarian missions. Also passionate about marketing and emerging business models, he loves combining his passions for the creation of positive impact.

Charles Ugbaja - Volunteer and Technical Engineer


Born in Japan, raised in Nigeria, now living in Japan. Charles has a technical background, having graduated as a mechanical engineer at Bells University of Technology in Nigeria. But his passion lies in human psychology, education, sustainability and bringing huge positive impact. Few people know that he is also secretly a (humble) fashion model :)


Viktoria Zsory - Volunteer and Sustainable Fashion Model


German raised in South Africa, living in Japan. Speaking of fashion models, Viktoria is also a very famous model in Japan. She studied Global Cooperation at Ritsumeikan and Economics at Rhodes. In addition, Viki is very passionate about all things sustainability, green lifestyles, ethical consumption and lately has found great interest in the use of native plants as food, medicine and wellness.

Akshay Singla - Volunteer and Zero Waste Enthusiast


Indian born and raised, Akshay is currently working in the automotive industry. But his passion lies in everything related to zero waste, sustainable development and ethical consumerism. Active member of Zero Waste India, he is currently developing over 10 projects, from renewable electricity to plastic reduction. He was also a presenter at TEDxHealTheWorldJapan in 2021.

Honorary Members

Single White Glove - Special Member (We respect his privacy)


Our honorary member known publicly as "Single White Glove" is a creator of mixes of Michael Jackson's discography. Before Sony Music shut him down, his youtube account had more than 1 million subscribers and 15 million views! He was kind enough to provide us with high quality music and videos during our online events. Thank you SWG!

We want to thank everyone involved in the Heal The World Global projects!! Each and every one of your actions have created massive positive impact! Thanks to you, the world is, without a doubt, a better place!

Want to join?

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